Thanamar (full name: Thanamar sil Tosanya) is referred to as a living saint, a walking god, a god-king, demi-god, or godling, depending on who you talk to. He is the father of the Seludecians, a culture and nation of people who share varying amounts of deific blood in their veins. 

Born prior to the Yndru, more than a thousand years ago, Thanamar guided the reconstruction of Pell on the ruins of Old Pell, after the devastation of the Yndru and the civil war that destroyed the Pellaic Empire. He was the driving force in resettling the shattered lands that were left behind in the center of the old Imperial lands, and he established Pell as a city where warring factions could meet to negotiate. 

The tales are many of his deific powers, though it is unclear what is accurate. Many people have seen Thanamar, or even met and spoken with him, and nearly all come away with a clear understanding of the magnitude of his personal power. It was this power, the charismatic awe he inspired, that helped establish Pell's dominance and reputation. Thanamar was directly involved with Pell's administration for only a few hundred years. After the year 312, he handed the governance of the city-state over to the First Council of Pell. 

The relationship between Pell and the Seludecians remained intact, however. Their patronage of the city-state, and their willingness to defend her in times of crisis, kept in check any who thought to assault her walls. 

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