Also called the Old Empire, and less frequently, the First Empire, the Pellaic Empire fell more than a thousand years ago, shortly before the Yndru. It spanned the whole of the Greater East, and consisted of all the lands up to what is today Teth mor Tuach. While accounts are not clear, most scholars agree it lasted for at least three thousand years. 

The Pellaic Empire was responsible for the construction of the Great Highway, still in use today. It also established the first nation-spanning spellcasters guild, called the Mage Guild during its time. The Empire also established a common currency, and a system of weights and measures. Many benefits enjoyed by the nations today can find their source in the Pellaic Empire, including the system of schools and universities, languages spoken and written, laws and courts, diplomacy and relations between nations, and the rise of technologies. The Saaric Valley, long the source and birthplace of the greatest technological innovations, was fostered and supported by the Pellaic Empire. 

The Empire was led by the Othrecine Throne. It is surmised the term Othrecine was the name of the House that rose to claim the throne of the Empire, but history is unclear after so many centuries. Most old texts simply refer to the family and the throne as the same, calling it 'the Othrecine'. The last great emporer of the Pellaic Empire died during the Yndru, and his children apparently squabbled over the fading remnants, in their efforts to cling to old glories. 

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