The Fall of Pell – a Roll20 Campaign Setting

The vast city-state of Pell, long a mighty bastion of independence between divisive nations, will fall.

Once the mightiest city in all the known world, Pell was long the seat of the continent-spanning Imperium, more than a thousand years ago. But with the world-altering events of the Yndru, Old Pell was lost to ruin. Yet it rose from its own rubble, to become a greater city than its former incarnation. Foreswearing allegiance to any nation or federation, Pell became a powerful independent city-state, occupying a highly strategic position in the fertile valleys of the old lands. Its influence grew as it brokered treaties, settled disputes, and served as a buffer state between enemies. Its treasury grew along with its influence, and it became a central trading point for the continent. The most powerful guilds, companies, and churches made Pell their home, given its neutrality and its advantageous position. So, for centuries, its power and influence grew. Protected by a variety of patronages, along with Pell’s unparalleled military forces, the city-state flourished. It found the most powerful of patrons in the people called Seludecians, and their Lord, Thanamar. They ever served as a foil to any threat, as the Seludecians were known to be descended from gods.

But it was to end, and so is it ending. Thanamar is said to have gone mad, deserting his people. The godlings are scattering, as forces from the coastal empire of Peril converge on Pell to face the forces from the west – the mighty hosts of Teth. Once the closest of allies, the Houses of Nightstar from the east and ConKoraddin from the west bring with them allies numerous and powerful.

Pell is once again to fall, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. The city is all in uproar, and citizens are desperate to flee. Fires can be seen to the east, and drums sound from the west. As the greatest armies march to clash outside the walls of Pell, other less savory forces are preparing to reap the ruin and pillage the riches doubtless to be left behind.

It is here, in this chaotic, panic-stricken metropolis – the mightiest city in the land, on the brink of utter disaster – that you will find yourself. So, intrepid adventurers, children of Pell, you must choose. Will you stay and witness the destruction? Flee with hundreds of thousands of others to the mountains or river valleys, or more perilous directions? Choose to ally yourselves with one of the great Houses, in hopes of reaping the rewards of victory, while risking the consequences of defeat?

The choices are many. But time is running out…

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